With respect to the validity of the conventions, you may find published within the pages of the Association website a complete review of all information inherent to each company. Therein you may find the name, address, telephone details, and above all, the percentage of reduction in price offered uniquely and with gratitude to the Most Excellent Diplomatic corps credited to the Holy See.
Please note the conditions below as they are essential for you to be recognized for the reductions in price to be offered by those companies working within said conventions:
  1. The belongings to the Diplomatic corps to the Holy See with extension not only to the Ambassadors, but to all the Diplomatic and their staff working within the Embassies credited to the Holy See, comprising also their respective families.
  2. To exhibit the Ticket of Personal Identity, issued to the Diplomatic and their kind Families, from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Italian Republic.
  3. For the dependents of each Embassy, in which there is display the complete name and address of the dependent and the qualification held by the individual within the Diplomatic Representation.
  4. To be enrolled to the Tourist, Cultural, Sport Association “ Scoprendo l’Italia “.
It specifies, that the travels organize from the Association T.C.S. “ Scoprendo l’Italia “ are address to the single Heads Diplomatic Mission, in case an Ambassador could not travel, will be able to delegate one person of his confidence, provided that Diplomatic and operating to the inside of the Diplomatic Representation to the Holy See.

It is specified that the travels organized by the Association T.C.S. “ Scoprendo l’Italia “ are address to the single Heads of each Diplomatic Mission. In the event of an Ambassador not being able to travel, he or she will then be able to delegate one person in his or her confidence, provided that they are an integral part of the Diplomatic Corps operating within the Diplomatic Representation to the Holy See.

Individuals wishing to enroll themselves within the Association T.C.S. “ Scoprendo l’Italia “ who do not Diplomatic status will still be able to do so. Benefits stemming from the conventions with the several companies mentioned above will most certainly be made available to these individuals. However, we regrettably are unable to offer participation in the travels outlined in the Association calendar.

Recording the recognition of the family nucleus, registration will be extended to the Ambassadors spouse and children following the registration in the Association of that Ambassadors. This extension of inclusively is valid both for the Diplomat and for the Gentlemen and Ladies employed by each Embassy.

Continuing below we offer a listing of conventions subdivided by regions

Conventions with other Countries

Some detail of conventions

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