Photographic gallery

On this page, we have the intention to recall the many personalities who have taken part in the excursions organized by the Cultural Association “Bichi Reina Leopardi Dittajuti” from 1997 to 2002, by the Association “Club of the Bibliofili” from 2003 to 2005 and finally, by the Cultural, Tourist, Sport Association “Scoprendo l’Italia” from its founding years.

In each of the photos published, you may find in every single Diplomat an sense of happiness in coming to know new people, new places, and also in strengthening simple acquaintances which with time have developed into authentic friendships between the Most Excellent Diplomatic Corps credited to the Holy See and a great many people stemming from a wide variety of cultural and industrial fields.

Within each an de very event of the past, are may discover an extensive array of emotions, from the numerous moments of joy to those of sincere care, experienced by every Ambassador with his or her partner. Among others, these experiences have come during the numerous samplings of authentic dishes prepared by local populations with infinite care in the hope of being able to the other, simplicity, and humility to the illustrious foreign guests.

Organized photographic reports can be found within the galleries, demonstrating the discovery of Italy. From the seemingly limitless number of the bell towers to the many great parochialisms, the discoveries have taken place in centers large and small, but with all localities demonstrating a large heart, generous and ready to execute any efforts in order to render our nation great.

To the Ambassadors, to their kind families, and to all who might visit these representations of our memories, we wish a pleasant viewing in hope that the published photography might provide a serene and care-free reflection, and a joyful look back upon the efforts made during the organization and development of events.

For those who wish to forward any photography inherent in the memory of past manifestations, he is welcome to contact the Secretariat of the Association or to send any photographs to the address of Association T.C.S. “Scoprendo l’Italia”.